Saturday, February 10, 2018

Man Proposes but God Disposes or a Brief Time Out

Yes, it has been a while since you've heard from this little part of the world.  A week ago today I was planning on having "Seaside" completed and a new post up announcing that.  However, as life has often proved one of the most profoundly true statements is 'if you want to make the Good Lord laugh, tell Him your plans'.

A week ago today proved quite different from the scenario I had played out in my mind.  Instead I found myself waking Terry up at 2 am and saying I've got to get to the emergency room NOW!  If I'd known then what I'd known now I would have just had him call 911 and been air lifted to Spokane.  I thought my problem could be taken care of at the wonderful Providence Mt. Carmel Hospital we always go to in Colville - not taking into account that it was a weekend and they didn't have a surgeon on duty, they usually do but didn't that day.  Plus a helicopter ride is NOT on my bucket list.

So after enduring an hour trip over snowy mountain roads in our F250 truck and being taken into the ER, being given pain medication and a CT scan I found that as I had suspected I needed emergency removal of a very suddenly inflamed gall bladder. This was when we found that the people on staff of our rural hospital that could do such things weren't there that day. 

The next step of my 'big adventure' was a trip to Spokane two hours away in an ambulance.  Never having ridden in an ambulance I have to say I was surprised by how much it could make already horrible pain, WORSE.  If you live in the north you know what the roads are like by February and every rocky bump was deeply felt.  Great staff but truly a ride I pray none of you ever has to take.

Adventure continues, when I got to the excellent Providence Sacred Heart Hospital that morning they took me straight into a room and the surgeon's assistant came in to examine me and verify things she then told me that they had some gang violence with gunshot wounds come in and the surgeon and her staff were very busy working with that so they didn't know when and for that matter if I'd have surgery that day.  I went off into la la land sleep and woke as they were taking me to the surgery area - they said if I'd gotten there half an hour later I would not have been able to have surgery there that day so I am one thankful gal.

Later I found out from medical staff that they proceeded with a laparoscopic cholecystectomy or gall bladder removal and it went normally until they found it was so inflamed and large it wouldn't fit into the bag they had introduced into my abdomen for it - pulled that one out, put in larger and proceeded with surgery.  I have nothing but compliments for the surgeon and her staff, where would I be without them?

There is much more to the adventure but some are best left untold, lol, I'll stop here to say that while I 'hope' to have 'Seaside' done and posted in a new post soon, I won't ever say I 'plan' to without a hearty God willing after it.

Hoping your adventures are more fun than mine!  A weak wave to you all - I did forget one thing I wanted to say, post surgery is NOT a good time to cross stitch, just don't even try it.  I attempted three stitches and quickly knew that was another of my plans that wasn't going to happen soon!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bye Bye 2017 & Hello 2018

How is it suddenly December 31st?  What happened to all those projects I so carefully came up with last January?  Oh well, I'm optimistic enough to know I'll do it again next month and be grateful for any of them I actually accomplish.

"August~Seaside", the second month design for my Damask Calendar series, is coming along well and has been a lot of fun to stitch.  It is a frosty 7 degrees fahrenheit and we have about 14" of snow this morning and it seems like whatever season I'm in I always enjoy stitching something for the opposite season, go figure, lol

I'm loving this funny little fish looking back at me.

I hope wherever you are it will be a Happy New Year!  And that it will be full of lots of completed projects and happy memories.

Scenes from a very cold but cozy Gracewood this last day of 2017

Jasper LOVES snow!

The local herd begins to gather at back porch for handouts of carrots and apples.
Birds are enjoying the black oil sunflower seeds from the feeders

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Pattern Error

Hello everyone, hope all of you US stitchers will have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.  It smelled absolutely delicious in our house today as some of the advance cooking was taking place.

I wanted to first show you a lovely interpretation of my 2017 ornament from Just Cross Stitch's special edition stitched by 'Mrs. C'

Joy ornament in lovely lavenders
I love the colors she chose!  And she pointed out what I had failed to see when the magazine arrived, but the pattern is incorrect.  For some reason the bottom floral motif was not included when the magazine printed the pattern.  They also called the pattern 'Beaded Joy' when it was submitted to them as 'Stained Glass Joy'.

 And while Mrs. C's ornament is lovely without the bottom motif, if anyone would like the correct pattern please send an email to me and I'll send the correct pattern to you.

Thanks for stitching my ornament so beautifully, Mrs. C, and thank you for bringing this error to my attention.  I've let JCS magazine know of the error and since all of the charts in my files have the correct image I have no idea how the incorrect pattern came to be printed by the magazine.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving and again just send me a note at and request a correct copy and I'll be happy to send one to you.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Tussie~Mussie for Sale & New Damask Calendar August Design!

Winter has come early to Gracewood and of course I LOVE it!  Usually our snow starts around Thanksgiving towards the end of November, but by the first week of this month we had 8" of gorgeous snow and the cold temps to keep it.  Definitely stitching weather.

Since it has been the required amount of time since my pattern, 'Tussie-Mussie', appeared in JCS magazine I may now publish it myself and through my publishers - It can be purchased on my website on this page and through ICG Crafts and soon through Creative Poppy

And now, I'm happy to introduce the next month in the Damask Calendar series - 'August~Deep Blue Sea'

August~Deep Blue Sea
When I think of August I think of cool waters and while Gracewood is in the mountains, much of my youth was spent by the ocean so my inspiration comes from the sea.  I'll be stitching using Rainbow Gallery Splendor silk floss in shades of aqua.  New aida cloth is stretched on the frame, the needle is threaded, coffee is making and I cant' wait to take that first stitch, I'm sure stitchers know just what I mean!

Hoping all is well with you in your part of the world!  Happy Stitching!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

JCS Ornament & July~Poppies & Bees Pattern

It is definitely autumn on Gracewood and as always I can't stop looking at all its beautiful signs.  Mornings are foggy and frosty and afternoons cool and crisp, just my kind of weather ;)

The 2017 special Christmas ornament edition of Just Cross Stitch magazine is on the newstands and this was my contribution to it this year -

And I'm happy to say that I finished the model for the first design in the new Damask Calendar series of patterns - 'July~Poppies & Bees'.

July~Poppies & Bees
It is now for sale at my website Here and at  Everything Cross Stitch.  It will be available soon through my publisher outside of the US at Creative Poppy

I'll leave you with a pic of one of my favorite trees here on Gracewood in all its autumn splendor.  This green ash was just a little stick that came as a free extra when we ordered lots of plants when we first moved on Gracewood 26 years ago.  It was so small and dead looking we never expected it to thrive, but thrive it did and we love it!

Hoping your season in whatever part of the world you dwell is lovely as well!

Jasper loves Autumn too, as long as  you throw his ball!

Friday, September 1, 2017

New Tutorial & Pattern for Hurricane Harvey Relief

It is September and I am sooooo ready for summer to begone!  The garden is bursting and each morning the question is what to do with that day's pickings, but that is a nice problem to have.

First I'd like to reintroduce my Pattern for Charity,   Sanctuary from the Storm, which I  introduced during the Tsunami disaster in Japan.  I will be happy to send the pattern to anyone who makes a donation to the Salvation Army designated for hurricane Harvey relief.  Just send a note to me at to let me know you've made a donation and it can be in any amount and I'll send you a pdf of this design.  

Sanctury from the Storm

My publisher, Creative Poppy, has uploaded a tutorial on how to take my four designs from Lace Traces and turn them into the wall hanging I posted in the last blog.  It can be found at this link - Free Tutorial for turning Lace Traces into a quilt wall hanging.

I'm enjoying stitching the new pattern - Damasks~July

and as I said above I'm enjoying preparing lots of delicious dishes with the tomatoes, corn, beans, cucumbers, eggplants, and of course zucchini that our garden is yielding.  I still stand amazed looking at all that can come from a simple seed!

Here is what my kitchen counter looks like most mornings.

I've also been making ice cream, yogurt and all sorts of luscious things with the milk I've been getting from my dear friend's goats!  

Hoping all is well in your world and that you are stitching something that makes you smile!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Design, New Series!

Summer is in full swing and the garden is jumping with blooms, hopefully boding well for lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, peppers and most of all corn!!!  If you haven't had fresh corn on your pizza you don't know what you are missing!

The Lace Traces wall hanging is now on the wall -
Lace Traces Collection Wall Hanging
And I'm introducing a new series of designs reflecting my love for damask table linens and to be sure I can have plenty of them, lol, I've decided to do a calendar of them beginning with July.

Damasks ~ July
In a bright tangerine color, I've used poppies and bees to begin this series.  It is so nice to have that new piece of Aida stretched out on its frame and the first few stitches appearing on it, I really feel like something just isn't right if I don't have something astitching!

Finally, have a smile with this -